Getting In Touch With Your Soul Brings Meaning To Life

During our lives, we accumulate a series of experiences. It’s unfortunate that many people just “stuff them away” and forget about them.  But we can reflect on them and learn a lot about ourselves in the process.

A connection exists between our heart and mind through the inner visions of our Spirit/Soul. When we look back or look forward, we’re deepening our awareness of who we really are. This deepening touches base with our Spirit/Soul.

Your Spiritual Journey
It has been said that “our hearts will not rest until we rest in thee.” This is in part what drives our spiritual journey. Even if you’re not consciously aware of this journey because it’s occurring in our Subconscious Mind which is our Spirit or Soul, it’s what’s leading us through life.  It’s a journey back to where it all began…a journey back to a Oneness with the Creator.

One could say infants and the elderly are more soul than body. Our conscious mind doesn’t start to develop until the age of 3 or 4. It starts to “fade away” in our later years while our Subconscious or Spirit/Soul never fades.  But as our personalities and egos run wild during the intervening years, we think we’re somebody. Spiritual teacher Ram Dass calls this “somebody training.”  We think we’re real, that we’re somebody special and we act on the appearance of being that “somebody” as we move into adulthood. When we mature, we go back into what Ram Dass calls “nobody training.”

Our independence starts to develop from infancy.  Old age starts to take it from us.  The human journey has its ups and downs. But what keeps us sane in a world filled with what appears to be utter insanity at times is our Spirit/Soul.  It gives us strength to do the seemingly impossible and gives us hope when there appears to be none.

Life Has Meaning
Getting in touch with your soul by investigating your spiritual journey can be the vehicle for bringing much needed meaning to your life.  The meaning is there, in your Spirit/Soul.  Bringing it to the conscious level by seeking out The Truth is where you start to uncover life’s meaning.

You can start to get in touch with your Spirit/Soul and begin to look into your spiritual journey by uncovering your past lives through a process called Past Life Regression or PLR.

Please click the following link to learn more about Past Life Regression where you can sign up for my FREE e-course, “An Introduction To Past Life Regression: Have You Lived Before?”

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